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C@llDoor makes already existing door and locks smart and we automate it to work autonomously. It does not need any kind of human intervention.

C@llDoor Hardware makes already existing door and lock electronic.

Hardware is FREE to our clients.


C@llDoor Software connects:

- The Door of your rental property

- The Booking System, you are using

- The Guest

and automatically transmits necessary booking information (booked time and phone number) to The Door and to The Guest.



24/7 keyless check-in

The Owner doesn’t need to do anything

At the booked time, The Guest makes The Call to The Door



- The connection between The Door and The Owner Account is encrypted.

- The Hardware units for every door are unique and have a different security key.

- Web page and information there is encrypted.

- Information is on the server which has bank-level security and is renewed every day.

- The System database has only The Door and The Guest phone numbers.

- The System database doesn’t have any information about The Door location/address.

- The Door withThe System looks like an ordinary door.

Rentals which are using “key lock box”, “keypad” or “smart lock” are visually different.

-The Door opens only during The Booked Time, to The Call from the allowed guest's phone number.

- There is no risk of The Owners phone spoofing because there is no info about the phone number, The Owner is using to manage The Door.

- The System doesn’t use any app or wifi, so there is also no insecure internet risks.



-.C@llDoor Service automates human work. The owner doesn't need to work for „the lock“ anymore.

- C@llDoor System is affordable for many people because it is suitable to use with already existing door and lock.

- Hardware is free.

- The property owner doesn't need to do big first investments. Over time we can update our software and add more features through the cloud - no need to buy new, more modern devices (hardware).   

- The Owner will manage The Property cheaper.

- C@llDoor Service is based on MONTHLY SERVICE FEE per door. This is many times cheaper than the owners time spent on the door opening work.



The Owner has control over The Property,  but doesn’t need to take any effort to provide access every day to the different guests at a different time.

The Door opening logs are visible in The Account



  • Decrease hosts needs for transportation to deliver the key.

  • No need to produce new hardware (locks), change the locks and do key duplicates.

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