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  • Who Is C@llDoor System for?

C@llDoor System is dedicated to property owners and companies involved in a short-term lease, who don’t want to waste their time doing key hand-overs, lockouts, key duplicates, lock changes. In addition, they have full control over the property accesses.


  • Does The Property Owner Need to Have a Smartphone?

No, the property owner doesn’t need to have a smartphone.


  • How Does C@llDoor System Work?

Airkeyz Hardware automates your rental property already existing door and lock. C@llDoor Software connects The Booking System you are using, The Door of your property and The Guest and transmits booking info directly to both parts. At the booked time, The Guest just makes The Call to The Door of the booked room. The Door inspects if The Guest is allowed to enter. If yes, then The Door opens.

C@llDoor System offers 24/7 keyless check-in to The Guest. ​

  • Do I Need to Download an App to Manage My Door?

No, you don’t need an App to manage your door. Depending on what type of C@llDoor System Packet you are using, it is entirely automated, or you can manage your door through Airkeyz webpage.


  • Can I See The Door Opening History on My Phone?

Yes, you can, if you have Premium or Supreme Packet. All door opening data is available in your account.


  • How Much Does The C@llDoor System Cost?

Please find pricing info (link to Pricing page).


  • What Do I Do If My C@llDoor System is Not Working?

Please restart The System first, take off the power. If it still does not start to work, please look, is the lock online in your account. Please contact with your Region Technical Support (link to Installation Partners page).


  • Are The C@llDoor System Worth It?

Yes! There will be the only one-time hassle with the installation and in the future, The System works autonomously. Your property will earn money for you independently while you can enjoy more free time and also have full control over your property.  


  • Can I Install It on My Own?

Please read The System Installation instructions (link to How to Install page). If you are not sure, if you are able to install it, please book service from our Installation Partners directly (link to Installation Partners page).


  • Should I Have My System Professionally Installed?

It is your free choice. Please read carefully The System Installation Instructions first and then decide. We recommend using our Installation Partners, because:

  • they know The System

  • they have lots of practices

  • they will find the best way to install it on your door

  • it is safe and comfortable for you.


  • Can I Remove and Install the same System Hardware to another Door?

Yes, you can. The System doesn’t need any information about The Door location.


  • Are The C@llDoor System Reliable?

Yes, it is. It is safer than a regular lock with a key. More about The System Security (link to Security page).

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