What are C@llDoor values and offers






Risto Valge January 2018

I am Risto, founder of C@llDoor. I had “access pain” with my rentals and I couldn’t find any suitable solutions in the market. Not any of the existing smart locks and systems were good enough for me.


Since I have been working with IT, security and access systems for 17 years already. I decided to solve this problem and I built C@llDoor system.

I took into account:

1) I am so lazy, I don't want to hassle with keys, PINs, apps, answer the phone, install the software, change batteries...











-> That is why I connected the door directly to the booking system.


2) I am also kind of green and don't want to waste our unique environment and produce more new things in the world.












-> That is why I made it completely automated and suitable to use with any kind of existing doors and locks.















Well, shortly:

  • Your door receives useful information directly from the booking system.

  • Suitable to use with already existing door and lock.

  • You own all access logs = control!


Smart Access Service is not just another smart lock – we made the access invisible!


We also keep our text short because we like to offer to our customer's lots of hassle FREE TIME.
















If you are also lazy and you like hassle FREE TIME, then feel free to contact us and we will help you to improve your life quality.