The System

  • What kind of Lock Is C@llDoor System Working with?

With any kind of locks and doors. If you have very special security lock then The Hardware Installation price might be higher. We can’t predict how much work needs to be done there.

But anyway, this will be the only one-time hassle, which payback fast with no key delivery costs.


  • What Is the C@llDoor System and How Does it Work?

C@llDoor System is 24/7 keyless check-in service for short-time rental property owners and their guests. The Hardware automates the rental property already existing door and lock. The Software connects the booking system you are using, your property door and the guest and transmits booking info directly to both of them. At the booked time, the guest just makes the call to the booked room’s door. The door inspects if this guest is allowed to enter. If yes, then The Door opens.


  • Is the C@llDoor System Safe?

- All the data is a secure webpage and it is not possible to open the door directly from the internet.

- In our database, there is no info about The Door location.

- Doors which has our System looks like an ordinary door. Rentals which are using “key lock box”, “keypad” or “smart lock” are visually different.

- The Door opens only during The Booked Time, to The Call from the allowed guest’s phone number.

- The System doesn’t use any app or wifi, so there is also no insecure internet risks.

- The Owner has entire control over The Property through The Door Opening Logs.

- Please read more (link to Security page)


  • Is it Possible to „Hack“ My Door?

No one can open the door through hacking because in The System there is no info about The Door location. Only you know the address.


  • If there Power Goes Out, Does My C@llDoor System Still Work?

The System will send you notification about this if you are using Supreme Packet. So you can prepare key delivery to your guests. If this happens often in your area, then there is also possible to upgrade to battery version what works up to 48h without power.


  • If the Internet Goes Out, Does My C@llDoor System Still Work?

Yes, The System will be still working. The System doesn’t need permanent internet or local Wifi.


  • If the C@llDoor System is Not Working?

You can always use your existing door lock key to open The Door. If this is permanent, please contact your Regional Technical Support Service Team to find the problem and to solve it.