The Guest

  • Does the Guest Need to Have a Smartphone?

No, The Guest doesn’t need to have a smartphone.


  • How Much Does It Cost to “Call the Door”?

The Call to The Door is free. No calling fee! No roaming fee! There will be no answering The Call, so there will be no fee to anyone. The Calling is only for The System to identify the right person who is allowed to The Doom.


  • If the Phone Battery is Empty?

The Guest can find a way to contact the host or charge the phone somewhere.  

If this, will become a big problem to your guests, then we can also implement USB charger to The Door.


  • The Guest Forgets the Number Where to Call?

All The Supreme Packet Owners Guests will get automated SMS reminder about The Door entry info. The reminder will be sent the same day when The Booking is starting.


  • The Door Does Not Open While Calling?

After The Call is ended, please try to open The Door from the handle.


  • There is No Calling Sound While Calling?

The Guest should contact then to The Owner. The Owner can call The Door and open it remotely. The Owner should restart The System, take off the power. If this problem continues then please contact your Regional Technical Support Service Team.